Ultimate Martial Arts Muay Thai Kickboxing ab circuit conditioning group circuitAre you interested in getting your body into the best shape of your life? Our 1 hour classes will challenge your body in a way it has never experienced before and give you a workout that you can’t get from going to a regular fitness gym! You’ll also have fun working out in a friendly team environment and our instructors will motivate you to push towards your potential as well! All fitness and experience levels are welcomed, so you have nothing to worry about!

According to NutriStrategy: “A 155 pound person will burn about 700 calories in an hour of kickboxing. To burn that many calories in an hour on a treadmill, you would have to be moving at a pace of at least 6 mph!” (That’s almost 10 kms in 1 hour!)

 Our Muay Thai Kickboxing classes will give your entire body an impressive level of strength and conditioning. Each class starts off with a warm-up consisting of various options such as stretching / shadowboxing routine. Once the body is loosened and warmed up, you get into striking pads where you’ll learn different combinations from the instructors each time. Your legs, arms, and core will be heavily involved which will get you sweating within minutes. Every class works towards improving your physical fitness and increasing your conditioning / strength. Every class is conducted in a different way but the workouts involved will always target your whole body. Your body will be challenged each time so you won’t hit a work out plateau. You’ll notice that you’ll burn off a lot more body fat + calories compared to working out at a regular fitness gym easier and in less time.

Our MMA / Grappling classes will put your body into a completely different kind of workout than the Muay Thai Kickboxing, but is just as effective towards achieving a high level of fitness! The classes are conducted with a warm-up / stretching routine to get your body loosened up first. Then you’ll jump into learning either MMA style of striking, grappling, or wrestling. The wrestling and grappling aspect of the workout uses a lot of your entire body’s energy which will challenge your conditioning. You’ll learn to transition to different positions which works on your using the all the muscles in your body effectively. The striking aspect of the workout requires a lot of level changing which will put your body to the test. There is no doubt that you’ll be sweating within minutes from having keeping your fitness level up with these classes.
Ultimate Martial Arts weight room pull ups

Select locations have a weight room that you can use anytime we are open. We provide weights / dumbells, pull up bars, kettlebells, and a fully equipped bench press / squat station. The equipment we have can easily cover a full body workout with multiple variations for each muscle group. If you’re unsure of doing any exercises in our weight room, you’re encouraged to ask any front desk staff member or instructor.

As you can see, our classes alone can help you achieve your fitness goals in a more effective and efficient way. Why not give us a FREE try and you’ll see that you can actually enjoy your workout and get more out of it at Ultimate Martial Arts!

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