Highway 410 and Steeles Ave (South West)

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Brampton (South West)
(905) 796-1200
158 Kennedy Road South
Brampton, ON

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Founder Kru Paul Minhas opened this Ultimate Martial Arts gym as being one of the first Muay Thai Kickboxing gyms in Brampton and the 2nd Ultimate Martial Arts club. This club has changed many lives over the decades with many top level athletes who have trained here over the years such as Gary Goodridge and Joseph Valtellini.

Our Martial Arts gym is fully equipped with:

  • separate change rooms
  • padded mats
  • multiple striking pads
  • variety of striking bags
  • a training area ring

We have Muay Thai Kickboxing classes 7 days per week during the morning and evenings to suite everyone’s schedule. There are separate women’s only Muay Thai kickboxing and co-ed Muay Thai kickboxing classes throughout the week. All beginner classes involved no physical contact, so that means you’ll only be striking pads or the bag. We do offer sparring for those who have gained enough experience and that are interested.
We also have multiple BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) classes throughout the week as well. Head BJJ / MMA coach, Professor Val Ostanov, provides belt level grading to his students in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes.

The instructors at our Brampton Muay Thai Kickboxing / Brazilian Jiu Jitsu / Mixed Martial Arts gym will help you with your technique and will keep you motivated. Whether you’re wanting to achieve weight loss, maintain health, improve your fitness, or train to be a fighter, we at Ultimate Martial Arts will be able to help motivate you towards your goals!

Come try out a class for Free to see how training at our Ultimate Martial Arts Brampton (South West) gym can change your life! For those of you only interested in fitness, our classes will help you burn more calories than you normally would while having fun! If you want to learn a Martial Art for reasons other fitness such as possibly competing, you’ll be training with the best athletes in the area to help you succeed! Fill out your contact info on the right side of this page for more details and to set up a Free Trial appointment!

Ultimate Martial Arts has the Lowest Rates around! I love being able to go any day of the week and I always look forward to classes!¬†–Cassandra Dwyer

Couldn't be happier with Ultimate Martial Arts! Overall Rating A+ Excellent place to learn and get fit!–Charles Rutledge