Joseph Valtellini



“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who had practiced one kick 10,000 times.” –Bruce Lee

“A black belt is not the end of the journey; It is only the beginning.” –Master Sullivan

Joseph Valtellini was born and raised in Scarborough, an east suburb of Toronto. He grew up with loving and supportive parents who worked extremely hard to ensure they could provide the best possible life for their family. This really installed the foundation of working hard to accomplish dreams and goals for Joseph. The inspiration from his parents kept him away from fallen into bad influences during his childhood. He never got anything handed to him; he had to work for it.

Sports have always been a huge part of Joseph’s life. His parents enrolled him in many different sports at such a young age, including martial arts. He remembers always watching martial arts movies with his father ever since the day he could stand. From there, his father would teach him some basics and would even make homemade training equipment to practice with. He started Tae Kwon Do at the age of 7. With the lessons of hard work that he obtained from his parents, he managed to get his black belt at the age of 10. During his teens, he dabbled with Jiu Jitsu for a while until he met Kru Paul Minhas and Ultimate Martial Arts. He instantly loved Muay Thai after his first class. The stand-up striking and what you were able to do with the art of 8-limbs used in Muay Thai is what drew him towards staying dedicated to this particular martial art.

When Joseph was younger during his Tae Kwon Do years, his instructor had him teaching classes at the young age that he was after receiving his black belt and he would always get a great evaluation for it. That helped spark his interest towards teaching others at that early stage. With the love of athletics and the guidance from his teachers, Joseph went on to pursue the Health and Physical Education program at the University of Toronto in hopes of becoming a school teacher afterwards. While in university, he would play for the school’s football team as a kicker and punter. On top of that, he was volunteering at many highschools around the Scarborough area. You can imagine how much hard work he was putting in to manage all of those activities and ambitions plus train in Muay Thai at the same time.

While being able to balance school, volunteer work, University football, and Muay Thai training, Joseph was soon ready to compete in his amateur bout. He wasn’t nervous at all because he felt confident in the superior training that coach Kru Paul Minhas has provided him since day one and also the experience of competing in tournaments for other martial arts in the past eased off any anxiety. He would become victorious his first match. This was the start of his childhood dream towards being a professional athlete that he has always wanted to fulfill. After convincingly defeating 5 more opponents, he would be soon hit with an accident that would bring his progression to a halt. During his last year of playing University football, he was hit hard while making a tackle which fractured his radius (one of the bones in the forearm). He was hospitalized for 3 days and required surgery. The hardest part was that the doctor told him that he wouldn’t able to train and for sure wouldn’t be able to fight again for a long time. This I was an emotionally tough period for him since he was training for a shot at a provincial title, which had to come to an end. Despite what the doctor had said, he would still attempt to train. It was frustrating to him when he was only able to train with one hand. Being the perfectionist that he is, he would leave the gym completely upset sometimes with the reality of being sidelined for a questionable amount of time. During the entire year, he managed to completely overcome this injury with the mental guidance from Kru Paul Minhas and rehabilitation. Over a year after the injury, he made his return to competition by fighting a victorious 5 round fight to capture that Provincial Title he was after. That was a very emotional win for him considering he wasn’t sure if ring rust would effect him and if his hand would ever be at the same level again. The determination to never give up and being surrounded by a supportive Team Ultimate family helped bring him back stronger than ever.

Making the transition to a professional fighter was an easy one for Joseph due to him always training as if it were a world title bout. The
time and effort he has put into his training has resulted in multiple (T)KO finishes in his professional fights against some of the world’s best. It is evident that hard work and dedication does pay off since Joseph is now a highschool teacher, a sports performance coach, and a professional athlete.  How is someone able to juggle all of that you might ask? It just comes to show that dreams can come true and there are no limits when you work hard in life. Anyone is able to do it, even YOU reading this.

Amateur Fight record

Professional Fight Record
11-2 [10 win by (T)KO]