Troy Sheridan

“Do or do not, there is no try” –Yoda

Troy Sheridan grew up in the small town of Stouffville, Ontario where everyone knew everyone. Everyone in Stouffville is very genuine and he still retains the same friends he grew up with ever since elementary school. You can imagine that there’s not very much to do in such a small town away from the big city. Growing up, he would spend a lot of his time being active with friends developing hobbies such as skateboarding and hockey.

Years later, Troy’s older brother was already training at Ultimate Martial Arts and one day brought him in for a trial class. He loved his first Muay Thai experience so much that he never left and stayed dedicated to it. The technique and diversity of striking options is what captivated him towards loving it so much, as well as the physical fitness and conditioning involved to support it. Just from starting off with training for fun, he noticed improvements with his energy. Soon he felt a change physically where he gained strength and confidence. The inspiration from his brother, a member of the armed forces, being able to excel in life motivated him to stay focused towards progressing in his training.

After putting in tons of hard work training at Ultimate Martial Arts, Troy would put himself to his biggest test by competing in his first amateur bout. He admits that he was terrified going into his first fight and his heart felt like it was racing at over 150 bpm. It’s challenging when you’re not completely sure what to expect. The real challenge was not only to win but to be the underdog. He was expected to lose this fight against an opponent who has competitive experience already. Even with all the odds against him,  he went on to win his first competitive fight which gave him a great feeling of satisfaction. From there he would begin goal setting and working more on improving the efficiency of his training with extensive trial and error.

Winning fights when people thought Troy was the underdog was even more satisfying than winning in general. As a result of that, he and Kru Paul Minhas would arrange and accept fights against much more experienced fighters and sometimes on short notice as well. He wanted to show that his skill level was above what his record or credentials on paper showed. His next fight was in a tournament against an opponents who had over 10 fights and he came out victorious in that tournament. That day would become one of the most significant moments in his life because in just his third bout, he became the 2009 IKF World Classic Champion. That’s a great accomplishment to win a championship that fast with a lot less experience compared to the competition. You could tell that there was something special in this athlete.

Fight after fight, Troy continued to be matched up as an underdog to prove to everyone that he was a superior athlete that could defeat higher ranked fighters. All of his opponents during the earlier stages had the experience of being in over 10 fights and even international experience. By his 7th bout, the competition started to get even more intense. It was his opponent’s 50th fight for that match. The bouts after that he would be in put into the main event on short notice and be put into a title match against an opponent on a 10 fight winning streak that has way more experience than him. He would even fight in his opposite stance during his fights just to gain the experience. With being matched up against really tough competitors all the time, he still continued to win and show that hard work does pay off.

Throughout the years, Troy has moved onto being a professional fighter and still continues to dominate his weight class. His time throughout Ultimate Martial Arts has helped improve the person that he is today by improving his lifestyle as a whole; changing bad habits to better ones and helping to make the right choices in life, as well as keeping him healthy and keeping his quality of life as good as it is able to get. The amount of discipline and focus he put into martial arts does show with his everyday character outside of the gym. With all the support Ultimate Martial Arts has given him, he contributes back as much as he can by helping other members in the gym to reach their goals. It is evident that the inspiration from his father being a very selfless man who would do anything to take care of his family has rubbed off onto him. If you ever come in and see Troy at the gym, you too be treated like family where he’ll take the time to help you out since you’re more than just a random person to him.

Amateur Fight record
14-1 , 6 (t)ko

Professional Fight Record
8-2 , 3 (t)ko

Achievements in Competition
– 2009 IKF World Classic Champion
– 2009 CASK Provincial Champion
– 2010 CASK National Champion
– CASK Eastern Canadian Low Kick Champion
– CMTCA Light Middleweight Champion
– 2012 RGFA Battle Of The Pros Champion