3 for 3 in Buffalo!

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The past Saturday December 14th, 3 members of Team Ultimate competed in Buffalo NY! Here’s how each of their bouts played out:

Alex B
It was Alex’s debut fight. Right from the opening bell, he was controlling the match. Lots of low kicks stopped his opponent’s attacks and had his opponent switching stance. It was great to see Alex’s endurance up to par throughout the entire fight. By the end, he won by a Unanimous Decision.



Kenrick K
Kenrick was hungry for a victory after all the training and preparation he went through for his return to the ring. His opponent is a hometown guy with 12 prior MMA fights. For all 3 rounds, Kenrick dominated the fight with his clean technique and combos. He put a clinch and knee clinic on his opponent throughout the fight which also tired out his opponent. This lead to a win by Unanimous Decision.



Murtaza N
2 week prior to this bout, the original opponent dropped out so the match was offered to Murtaza last minute. This match was for the USMTA Cruiser Weight Title and Murtaza had to fight one weight class higher than his usual, which could pose as a disadvantage for him. For the first 3 rounds, Murtaza dominated his opponent, who happened to be a hometown favourite as well. Leg kicks played into his favourite and even clean punches which made his opponent bleed a lot out of his mouth in the 3rd round. Part way through the last round, his opponent came out strong with many combinations that rocked Murtaza. However, he was able to keep his composure to win the Cruiser Weight Title by a Unanimous Decision.


We are all very proud of how our team performed at this event! Thank you to everyone who made the drive over the border to support our athletes! This is excellent momentum that will carry on to Team Ultimate’s next competition!

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