3 Victories in One Night at Battle Of The Pros by Troy Sheridan

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From Muay Thai Authority:
“Battle of the Pros took place at the Renzo Gracie Academy yesterday in Brooklyn, NY. The event featured an 8-man one night pro tournament. When it was all said and done Troy Sheridan of Team Ultimate in Toronto, Canada walked away with the tournament victory.”
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Yes that’s right, Team Ultimate’s Troy Sheridan conquered his toughest challenge to date by defeating 3 talented opponents all in one night to become the Battle Of The Pros tournament title champion! Are you wondering how each fight played out? Here’s what happened:

First Fight
His opponent had 103 wins with 55 by knockout. Troy had him against the ropes for most of the fight, utilizing his range and low kicks. His opponent switched stance because of the low kick punishment he was taking and was conditioned very well which can be seen from his experience. Troy managed to defend a few big right hands really well. Being the first round of the tournament, Troy used his energy wisely. The fight ended with an unanimous decision win.

Second Fight
Troy fought a taller opponent who used his range and power really well. His opponent started off really fast and active using his footwork, staying busy from far away. Troy got hit with a few good shots such as a flying knee to the body. Troy kept his defense really well to look for openings and to use his timing, but was still in a bit of trouble. His opponent got so heavily active that he even threw a flying knee where he missed completely which made him go went over the ring and onto the judges table. Eventually, Troy got him in a corner and almost landed a good high kick but hit his shoulder first before his head. While exiting the clinch, Troy switched his stance to throw a winning knockout left hook which turned his opponent’s light out completely in the first round.

Third Fight
Troy went in feeling great initially but felt drained once the match started because of the previous 2 fights. He had a hard time keeping his distance against his opponent who managed to land punches on the inside. This made Troy lose the first round. With good advice from Joseph Valtellini in Troy’s corner, it fired him up where he was active during this round, utilizing all striking offense and distance. The third round he had to dig deep to finish strong. He fought with a lot of heart to pull through with an unanimous decision victory to become the Battle Of The Pros tournament title winner!

We’re all extremely proud of Troy’s performance against 3 difficult fights! Sports Illustrated even posted a photo that they took onto their social media site that you can see on this Blog post! This will for sure give Troy a ridiculous amount of momentum going into round 2 of the Journey Fight Series tournament that will resume later on this year!

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