A Grand Slam Victory!

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The past weekend had 4 members of Team Ultimate competing on the same card together in Buffalo, NY. All 4 athletes trained really hard for this event and it definitely did show after the outcome from the fights!
Here are the results from the event:

Murtazah Nazabidah – Murtaza fought a larger opponent who weighed in at 180 lbs, 2 pounds over the listed weight. Murtazah weighed in at 178. Murtazah stayed calm the entire fight using technique instead of power and aggression, which is uncommon to see in a larger combative athlete. Murtazah used his strong basics to control the pace of the bout and forced his opponent to stay on the outside or tight in the clinch, avoiding an exchange.
Murtazah won a unanimous decision after 3 clean rounds of Muay Thai.


Brandon Pinch – Brandon came to the weigh ins to find his opponent was once again several inches taller than him. Brandon had a great attitude and strong determination to win on Saturday night. This determination was tested as his opponent used his push kick well to hide round kicks and long punches. This made Brandon have to work very hard to get in to range and use his attacks. The first two rounds were hard fought back and forth exchanges. Both fighters staying active on the outside, and inside the clinch. Brandon was constantly moving forward, and in the 3rd round picked up the pace as to seal his victory. This 3rd round was a large factor on the scorecards at the end of 3 rounds. Brandon took home the Majority Draw (30-27, 29-29, 29-29) decision in a very close fight and possibly learning more than any of the other athletes that night.


Mark Diryas – Mark looked extremely strong at 135 lbs. His opponent had a few inches of height on Mark. But Mark was able to move in and land strong hooks and jabs to set up an even stronger low kick.  He demonstrated just how strong basic attacks and counters can be. Using them effectively in the 1st round to slow his opponent down. In the second round, both fighters attacked more than in the 1st causing them to tire and throw heavy punches hoping for the KO. In the 3rd round Mark came out ready, he used his lead hand to set up heavy kicks one after the other. This opened his opponents guard up and Mark was able to follow up with some great hand combinations. Mark worked non stop throughout the final round to stamp his Unanimous Decision victory.


Ryan Dunphy – Ryan weighed in at 143 lbs to start the evening. He was in phenomenal shape and was a very large for this weight. Ryan shocked many people who came to see him compete against this more experienced opponent. He began the bout by establishing his distance and his blocks. Ryan blocked his opponents hands and kicks extremely well, which allowed him to put more power behind his own strikes. Ryan was able to send his opponent to the canvas not only more than once, but both times in an epic fashion. Once with a strong liver punch (very uncommon to see an amateur effectively use body shots) and once with a Heavy overhand, both times forcing his oppononet to be save by the bell.  At the end of the bout it was unsure if Ryan had scored the KO win, or a decision. We eagerly waited the decision to find out that Ryan was awarded a very one sided Unanimous Decision victory with all judges scoring the bout 30-25. Meaning he scored 2 separate 10-8 rounds.


We are extremely happy for the performances displayed by all 4 of our Team Ultimate members, and it shows that hard work does pay off! We are also extremely happy about all the support for the event from all the Ultimate gyms which was overwhelming! Thank you to all of you who were able to come out to show how strong of a team we are at Ultimate Martial Arts! This definitely strengthens Team Ultimate as a whole and only good things will come out of this!
Stay tuned for media from the event to be posted in the very near future.