NEW-Muay Thai Kickboxing

Muay Thai is not only being seen as a combat sport due to its effectiveness and success, but is now seen more and more as a way of self improvement (physically and mentally). It is also one of the best forms of fitness! Muay Thai can give you better and faster results towards; losing body fat, burning calories, increasing your strength, and increasing your cardio / conditioning.

This high impact, no contact training program not only serves as an amazing physical workout from head to toe, but also focuses on inner strength and determination. Come in for a FREE Trial to see how our programs can benefit you!

Join Team Ultimate as we will teach you the ever improving techniques, styles, concentration, and athleticism in Muay Thai that have been taught for over 800 years.

Open since 1994, Ultimate Martial Arts has been continuously fine tuning its Ultimate Muay Thai program with outstanding improvements to give you the best possible results.

What to Expect of Your First Class

With your first class you will be introduced to the very basic techniques and the basic class setup. Starting off with a light warm up of either shadow boxing(throwing light punches in the air) or basic exercises like jumping jack and laps. Once warmed up the class is paired up and a demonstration of what is to be worked out is given. On the Pads you will carry out a com