Controversy surrounding Troy Sheridan’s Journey Fight Series match

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As you know, Team Ultimate’s Troy Sheridan competed in the Journey Fight Series tournament in Calgary the past weekend. The results from the Facebook poll prior to his fight to determine the style of music to use for his walk-out entrance had Rap/Hip Hop winning. From the results, Troy walked out to “The Good, The Bad And The Ugly” by SunneyBlacks. Thank you all again for voting on our Facebook page!

Troy’s match against his opponent, Ken Tran, was the 2nd last match on the card. During the fight, Troy dominated round 1 with solid jabs, low kicks and knees. This continued into round 2 until his opponent turned his back as Troy was throwing an elbow and his opponent couldn’t continue. The referee declared it as an illegal elbow to the back of the head, while most people who were watching said it was a clean strike. Because of the referee’s decision, the match ended in a technical draw. After the fight, Troy filed an appeal with the Calgary Athletic Commission stating that he did not connect with an elbow to the back of the head and he should be awarded the TKO victory since his opponent was unable to continue. Right now we’re all waiting for the Athletic Commission to give their final answer. Aside from all the controversy, Troy has an overall amazing performance and we’re all proud of him!

Stay tuned for details on whether the Calgary Athletic Commission will award Troy with the TKO victory or keep the fight result as a technical draw.

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