Gi Jiu Jitsu Schedule Change And Expansion!

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How are all of you enjoying the Gi Jiu Jitsu classes at the Scarborough and Brampton (South West) UMA gyms? We are happy to see that the turnout for the classes at both gyms have been outstanding! With the popularity of the classes, we are excited to announce an additional class at the Scarborough gym on Mondays! Our head MMA / Grappling black belt instructor, Val Ostanov, will be conducting the class as well. With the newly added Monday class at the Scarborough gym, that means that there’s a schedule change for Brampton (South West)’s Monday class.

Here’s what the schedule looks like for the Gi Jiu Jitsu classes at both gyms:

6pm on Mondays
6pm on Thursdays
CLICK HERE for an updated schedule

Brampton (South West)
6pm on Wednesdays
CLICK HERE for an updated schedule

These changes are in effect as of today.

If you’ve never attended these classes before, it is definitely something you’ll want to try out! Don’t worry if you don’t have a Gi, these classes are No-Gi optional as well. We also sell Gis for a great price at the front desk as well. Speak to a front desk staff to try one on if you’re interested.

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