Welcome To Team Ultimate

Found on the corner of determination and dedication, here at Ultimate we are all about supporting growth! Our Fighting style itself is not safe, it has changed since we opened in 1994 and is always updated and perfected. By joining our team you are choosing to challenge yourself  into becoming the person you want to be. Our program is unparalleled just like our style and with an abundant of class times both mornings and evening it’ll be easy to incorporate an hour long class to test your endurance and improve technique. The journey to becoming a martial artist is one that is veryrewarding and in our corner you will find the best team supporting you on your way there.

What we Have to Offer

Self Defence

 Muay thai is also know as the “Art of eight limbs”, and that exactly what it’ll feel like as you learn to throw punches, kick, knees and elbows. We stress proper form because our fighting style is unlike any other and it’s proven to succeed time and time again. There is always rooms to grow and as you progress you will find new way to challenge yourself.

Confidence & Healthy Living

Muay Thai is an amazing way to stay healthy, and its fun too! The benefits are miles long when leading an active lifestyle, some of wich include boosting of confidence, getting a better nights sleep and the reduction of stress and stress related ailments. You really can’t go wrong with most classes being a combination of cardio and body weight resistance to give you endurance and lean muscle.

Women's Classes

Women are the backbones of life itself and so we are some of the strongest people on this planet. We offer Women’s only classes so that you can develop that natural powerand back it up with amazing kick-ass technique. We have combined traditional kickboxing with High intensity interval training to give the best of both worlds. An effective cardio workout with specified strength training of areas like the arms and abs to build up strength. Our classes are a safe space for like minded women to push through and encourage each other to reach their fitness and mental goals alike!