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Many people want to live a fit and healthy life. To do that it takes determination, in which people feel discouraged from even trying or they give up too easily. For all of you who have ever been in the position of feeling negative towards being able to accomplish a better lifestyle, we have an inspirational tale of perseverance and incredible weight loss that all took place over the past year at an Ultimate Martial Arts gym.

Meet Andrew Lee who is a member of Ultimate Martial Arts. He has gone through a remarkable weight loss journey just from training at one of our gyms. We did a quick interview with him recently so that he could tell us all about it:

As you can see in the video, Andrew loss over 200 pounds within a year of working out at Ultimate Martial Arts. His dedication to come workout at one of our gyms has changed his life and is still currently changing his life. We congratulate Andrew on his fitness goals thus far and we’re very happy to have been able to help him achieve a healthy and active lifestyle every step of the way! We hope Andrew was able to inspire all of you who ever felt like you couldn’t do something!

You don’t need anymore proof than this to show you that anyone can achieve anything they put their mind towards! We can and definitely want to help each and everyone of you reach your fitness goals! Whether you’re wanting to be a top level martial artist, learn self defense, lose weight, gain strength/conditioning, or maintain being fit, we have all the resources to help you accomplish any of these goals! All it takes is the little motivation to get off your computer chair and try out one of our gyms for FREE! You can easily get started just by clicking the link at the bottom of this post and selecting your preferred location!

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