Jiu Jitsu Gi classes at Ultimate Martial Arts have begun!

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We at Ultimate Martial Arts are happy to begin Gi Jiu Jitsu classes under veteran martial artist Val Ostanov, the head instructor for the program! These classes will be taught by him at the Scarborough and Brampton (South West) locations. As you take these classes and progress, you’ll be awarded belt levels as well.

Don’t have a Gi? No need to worry because we’re currently selling them at the front desk for a great price! Speak to the front desk staff the next time you’re in for all the details and to try one on.

If you have no interest in a Gi or you’re still thinking about it, these classes will be No-Gi optional as well. You’ll be taught alternative techniques, so come out and join the class regardless! The only downfall of No-Gi is that you’ll miss out on the traditions of Jiu Jitsu, you won’t be able to learn certain techniques unless you’re wearing a Gi, and you won’t know how well your skills rank since there’s no belt levels in No-Gi training.

Thank you to everyone who has been attending the classes already; the turn out has been great!

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