Jiu Jitsu Gi classes coming soon!

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As you may know, the Scarborough and Brampton (South West) locations have been offering MMA-grappling classes for quite a while. Coming soon to both locations will be Jiu Jitsu Gi classes conducted by one of our head instructors, Val Ostanov, who is a veteran in Jiu Jitsu and freestyle grappling. As you gain experience and improve your technique in his classes, he’ll be awarding belt level upgrades to everyone that excels in his classes.

You don’t have a Gi? No need to worry because you can purchase a quality one at a very fair price from our front desk. The Gi’s we’re selling will also have our Tiger logo to go with it as well. Speak to someone at the front desk for all the details and to try one on.

As for when the classes will start, we’re aiming for some time around the end of the month. We’ll keep you all posted!

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