Joseph Valtellini in the local news!

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Joseph Valtellini action picture 01With Team Ultimate’s Joseph Valtellini signing to GLORY world wide kickboxing promotion recently, word about the news is spreading around locally as well. If you get the Scarborough Mirror newspaper, Joseph was featured in an article from the past Friday’s edition being recognized as a local professional athlete for his recent signing. For those of you who don’t get that newspaper or missed it, the article was posted online as well.

From the article:
“Nine minutes and it’s over. It could be sooner with a kick to the head, or a punch to the ribs. As long as the opponent is knocked out, the judges’ decision on who wins is made for them. It’s this type of strategy that Scarborough Muay Thai fighter Joseph ‘Bazooka Joe’ Valtellini takes with him to the ring in what is called “the art of eight limbs”. Now, the 27 year old will be doing it professionally at the international level, competing in the Glory World Series. Valtellini has been signed on to Glory, an international stand-up fighting league, after only eight professional and 11 amateur fights, losing only one, said Kru Paul Minhas, his coach and manager…”
You can read the entire article HERE.

Expect to hear an announcement in regards to Joseph’s first fight with the GLORY promotion sometime in the very near future! You can stay up to date with his training and other updates as well through his Twitter too, CLICK HERE to follow him.

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