Joseph Valtellini makes a huge victorious statement at Glory 6!

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“I’ll never leave it to the judges hands. I fight with a lot of power and a lot of excitement.” That is what Joseph Valtellini said at the pre-fight press conference. His words were put into reality during his fight against Murat Direkci the past Saturday April 6th!

Here’s how his match played out:

528369_446687738745932_714048101_nRound 1 started off strong for Direkci. He was pushing the pace with combinations against Valtellini. Even though Valtellini had his guard up the entire time, a few shots got through that pushed him back. The pace completely changed near the end of the round when Valtellini threw a right hand that knocked Dirkci down. That knock down stole the round for Valtellini.

Round 2 saw Valtellini completely dominate. Direkci didn’t perform the same way he did in round 1. He slowed down and looked to be gassing out. Valtellini spent the entire round lighting up combinations on him, in which he knocked him down twice in the round. One of the knockdowns included an amazing head kick that went over Direkci’s guard.

Round 3 was much like the last round which didn’t last long. After Valtellini landed a combination, Direkci’s corner saw enough and threw in the towel. Joseph Valtellini wins by TKO corner stoppage early into round 3!

This win over Direkci Murat, an athlete who has about 80 more pro fights in experience, is Joseph Valtellini’s biggest victory! Once again this shows that Joseph can compete on the same level as guys who have 10x more experience on paper. This is another win for Team Ultimate and it improves Joseph’s pro record to 8-1.

In case you missed the fight, you can see a highlight video of that match HERE.


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