Joseph Valtellini to corner fighter at UFC 158

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antonio-carvalho-1Team Ultimate’s Joseph Valtellini will be making an appearance this coming Saturday March 16 at UFC 158 in Montreal as a corner man for UFC Featherweight contender Antonio Carvalho. Joseph has been training with Antonio Carvalho for quite some time and has been preparing him for his previous UFC fights.

Here are Joseph’s comments about Carvalho and cornering him at UFC 158:

“I have known Antonio since I was young teenager. I met him through Richard “the monkey” Nancoo, who was one of my inspirations to want to professionally. I remember sparring with Antonio when I just started Muay Thai and I just had no answer for his speed, power and technique. After being frustrated, I told myself that I will be back one day, with the hopes of a different outcome. Years later I went into spar with Antonio as he was preparing for his UFC debut. After a few sparring session, and some pad work he asked of I could help with his striking. I looked up to Antonio as a young martial artist and I am excited to be part of his corner for his big UFC fight with Darren Elkins.”

Antonio Carvalho will be fighting on the FX Network preliminary card. In Canada you can watch it live on Sports Net this Saturday March 16 at 8pm EST. Be sure to keep an eye out for Joseph!

Stay tuned for details on Joseph’s first fight under the Glory promotion coming up in the very near future!

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