Journey Fight Series in Calgary, Are you ready?

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Results are in from the Facebook poll to determine the type of music for Troy Sheridan‘s walkout entrance this coming Saturday June 9th in Calgary. The winning vote is Rap / Hip Hop! Thank you all for voting!

With less than a week to go, Troy is in the final stages of his preparation for the tournament and he is definitely ready to come out on top with the win! Check out a video trailer we made for Troy’s upcoming fight which showcases his training for the event:

Obviously Calgary is a far distance away to support Troy at the event. If you’re interested in watching Troy fight and seeing the rest of the fight card, you can actually order a stream online! GFL Combat Sports will be streaming the event live for $14.99 on their web site. CLICK HERE for all the details. You’ll be able to see what Rap / Hip Hop song Troy will be walking out too as well!

We’ll be posting results afterwards so stay tuned!

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