Journey Fight Series tournament continues for Troy Sheridan

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This coming Saturday November 3rd, Team Ultimate’s Troy Sheridan will be heading back to Calgary for the semi-finals of the 160lbs 8 man Journey Fight Series tournament. Troy is coming off a lot of momentum after recently defeating 3 tough fights all in one night to become the winner of Renzo Gracie’s Battle Of The Pros tournament in the NYC area. This prepares Troy really well as he will be facing the highly ranked Shane Campell in the semi-finals.

Here are some pre-fight comments from Troy about his upcoming fight:
“I’m feeling pretty good, the training camp has ended at a high point. Ending the training camp is very important, I feel I am at my best physical shape possible. Sparring has been amazing too, anyone who’s been coming in to watch can vouch for me there, I’ve had a lot of help from everyone at Ultimate Martial Arts and I’m grateful for that.
The mental preparation was a little different for this fight. If you train at Ultimate Martial Arts you most likely know who my opponent is, he is a very well known fighter, but also he was a local and someone I have know for years. Fighting Shane Campbell is a great opportunity.”

You can actually stream Troy’s fight live online through GFL’s paid streaming service. CLICK HERE for all the details to order the event online. The event begins this Saturday November 3rd at 9pm EDT and Troy is competing in the co-main event.

Be sure to wish Troy the best of luck in person or through his Twitter @SheridanMMA!

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