Looking back on 2012

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2012 has been a great year for Ultimate Martial Arts with many memorable highlights. Lets take a look back through memory lane:

At the beginning of 2012, the UMA Scarborough location moved back its previous location and had a great re-grand opening celebration. The celebration included a free special wrestling seminar from veteran coach Dave Mair.

Joseph Valtellini was the first person to finish the talented Shawn Yarborough in their match in NYC for the Friday Night Fights promotion. That victory opened huge opportunities for Joseph’s professional fight career and more people noticed him as a dominate athlete. Read about that victory HERE.

The amateur team went on a huge winning streak for their fights in Buffalo, NY. Everyone from Team Ultimate was winning all of their matches which showed the other gyms how powerful Ultimate Martial Arts is. You can view a highlight video from one of the Buffalo, NY events HERE.

We acquired Grappling expert Val Ostanov to join the Ultimate Martial Arts team to become the new head instructor for grappling / MMA. This brought Gi Jiu Jitsu classes to Team Ultimate in which students can be rewarded belt level rankings. Read all about Val HERE and check out the most recent belt level upgrading session HERE.

UFC fighter Antonio Carvalho gave Joseph Valtellini a shout out on television during his interview with Joe Rogan right after his victory at UFC 149. Antonio was training with Joseph to prepare for his match and gave him a lot of credit for his outstanding striking performance. You can view a video of that shout out HERE.

We hosted a special Seminar Event over the summer featuring Joseph Valtellini, Val Ostanov, and Dave Mair. The seminars included Athletic Sports Nutrition, MMA Clinching, Leg Locks, and Low Kicks. Check out photos from the event HERE.

Troy Sheridan moved up in the Muay Thai rankings. He moved up to being the #5 ranked Middleweight in North America. Still early in his professional career, he is already being seen as a superior athlete. Read about it HERE.

Joseph Valtellini moved up in the Muay Thai rankings as well. He jumped all the way up to be ranked as the #1 Super Middleweight in North America. It’s a huge honour to be considered the number one guy in that weight class. Read about it HERE.

Troy Sheridan got to fight the highly ranked Shane Campbell in his hometown. That fight showed that Troy had a lot of heart + toughness and that he could compete against high level competition. Read about that match HERE.

MMA veteran Gary Goodridge came to the UMA gyms to be a special guest instructor. What many people don’t know is that Gary used to train at Ultimate Martial Arts with Kru Paul Minhas way back in the day to prepare for his professional fights. Check all of that out HERE.

Troy Sheridan dominated at the Battle Of The Pros tournament in the NYC area. He defeated 3 opponents all on the same night to become the tournament winner. These were not easy fights at all and one of his fights includes one of the best highlight reel knockouts ever! Read about it and view that photo HERE.

Joseph Valtellini was a part of the Muay Thai In America event which was one of the biggest Muay Thai Kickboxing events of the year in celebration of the king of Thailand’s 85th birthday. The event was broadcasted on pay-per-view and it would be the first time that Joseph would be fighting on pay-TV. Read about how the event went HERE.

We hosted an in-house tournament for Muay Thai and Grappling that featured Joseph Valtellini and Val Ostanov as referees. The turn out was huge for both the participates and spectators. Everyone who competed trained really hard for their bouts and they put on entertaining matches. Read about how the event went with photos HERE.

Lastly to end the year off with a bang, Joseph Valtellini got signed to GLORY promotion. This is the biggest opportunity of Joseph’s professional career since GLORY only signs the best athletes in the world and he’ll get a lot of media + televised exposure from this! Read all about it HERE.

Thank you everyone for all the support over the year and here’s to another great year for 2013!

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