Muay Thai & Kickboxing

Looking to relieve stress, improve your fitness, lose weight, or get in the best shape of your life? Our one hour classes are guaranteed to be more effective than going to a regular gym and running on the treadmill! You’ll be surrounded by a friendly environment that wants to help you succeed! Take advantage of our FREE Trial to see for yourself how Ultimate Martial Arts can help you reach your fitness goals!

Learn Muay Thai & Kickboxing with our superior training system that we have been fine tuning for perfection since 1994! You’ll quickly see the benefits of learning outstanding striking techniques, self-defense, and over all combat knowledge as well as improving your overall strength & conditioning along the way! After learning and perfecting the basics, you’ll have the option to upgrade to our advanced classes. They will take your fitness & striking techniques to another level by working on sparring drills + advanced techniques!

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“I used to feel low confidence and now after 3 months  at Ultimate Martial Arts I have more Self Confidence and feel more Energetic!  I now also have a better insight about Muay Thai & Kickboxing and their benefits for a healthier lifestyle, as it has changed mine forever.”                            

    – Jacob Bigsby