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After being involved in higher profile fights and dealing with controversial results (You can read about that incident from our previous Blog HERE), Team Ultimate’s Troy Sheridan has been getting some good personal coverage on respectable MMA / Muay Thai news web sites.

Muay Thai Authority wrote up an article discussing the aftermath of Troy’s most recent match at Journey Fight Series that ended up controversy. From the article:
“On June 9th the fight between Troy Sheridan and Ken Tran ended in a technical draw. The bout which took place in Calgary, Alberta as part of the opening round of the Journey Fight Series 160lb tournament ended prematurely when Ken Tran was unable to continue in the bout due to what was at the time ruled to be an illegal elbow to the back of the head.”
You can read the entire article HERE.

US Combat Sports recently conducted an interview with Troy discussing his fighting career and path. From the article:
“Taking a look at any legendary figure in the fight world today it is apparent that no individual made it to the top without going through a rigorous ascent prior. Every athlete that hopes to obtain greatness within combat sports must first strengthen themselves mentally and skillfully in their climb to the top. Up-and-coming Muay Thai fighter Troy Sheridan knows full well of this procedure. An exciting fighter who always looks to give the best fights to his audience, the young Canadian is all about making the best of his enriching experience as he makes his way up the fight ladder in his starting endeavours as a pro.”
You can read the entire interview HERE.

Stay tuned for info and media on Troy’s next fight as he advances to the next round of the Journey Fight Series tournament.

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