Post Fight Results from Team Ultimate Competing in Gatineau Quebec

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The past Saturday September 29th, 3 members of Team Ultimate were in Gatineau, Quebec to compete in the Throwdown promotion. Here’s how their fights went:

Mark Diryas
 He showed his power style right from the start. Every round was very close. He landed beautiful power  and strong punches to low kick combos. He was tested as his opponent landed a few clean shots that made him have to come back even stronger. Mark was able to use his clinch to keep control and even throw his opponent to the canvas on several occasions. The fight was very close and unfortunately Mark was not awarded the win although, many spectators and even event volunteers had Mark ahead on the scorecards. 

Nabeel Imam
He was facing an opponent from a reputable gym in Quebec who had another athlete in the co-main event of the event. He was incredibly calm for his first bout, but that didn’t slow him down once the bell rang. Immediately he let his opponent know he was no joke! Nabeel has been training with other competitors at UMA helping them prepare for their bouts for a long time. He was able to mix up his strikes very well using punches, kicks, and knees (even his left kick) . Nabeel caught every body kick thrown at him and followed up by sweeping his opponent which helped break down his opponent mentally. After the bell, Nabeel was awarded a Unanimous Decision victory. 

Adzer Bhopa
He was facing a hometown opponent with 5 previous fights. He met his opponent in the centre of ring, touched gloves, and immediately started to press the action. His long reach and upper body strength immediately was shown, but eventually his knees would win him this fight. Adzer was very prepared technically for this fight, even though he accepted the challenge on just 2 weeks notice. He landed crisp long range punches and would even switch his stance to attack from multiple angles. In the clinch, his long straight knees and control proved effective. He ended up dropping his opponent via knees, then punches, and again with knees to win by 2nd round KO. A truly dominating performance!

We’re all very proud of all 3 of their performances and Ultimate Martial Arts’ presence of being an elite + tough team was definitely shown in Gatineau!

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