Press on Troy Sheridan for Journey Fight Series 8

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With the Journey Fight Series 8 semi-finals tournament coming up this coming Saturday November 3rd, there has been a lot of press involving Team Ultimate’s Troy Sheridan.

The people over at Muay Thai Authority recently conducted an interview with Troy about his upcoming match. From the article:
“The semi-final bout of the Journey Fight Series 160lb tournament is expected to be full of fire works and neither Sheridan nor Campbell tends to fight passively in the ring. Sheridan was kind enough to take some time out of his busy training schedule to answer a few questions for us about the upcoming fight.”
Read the entire article HERE.

The Science Of 8 Limbs Blog recently also conducted an interview with Troy about his fighting career and upcoming fight. From the article:
“Troy Sheridan is a  Muay Thai fighter from the Ultimate Martial Arts team in Ontario, Canada. Troy is a standout among a growing list of Canadian nak muay, noted for their skill and toughness. After making his pro debut in New York based promotion Friday Night Fight Troy has fought both in tournaments and single bouts each time being simultaneously underestimated and solidifying his undefeated record against good competition.  It should be noted its even more of a remarkable achievement given that often his opponents had more ring experience than he did.”
Read the entire article HERE.

Lastly, check out this promo video for Journey Fight Series 8 that features Troy Sheridan in it:

Don’t forget that you can stream the entire Journey Fight Series 8 event through GFL’s online streaming service. You can view all the details about ordering the event online HERE.

If you missed out on our most previous Blog that features exclusive pre-fight comments from Troy, you can read that HERE.

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