Results from Team Ultimate’s September 2012 competition in Buffalo NY

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The past Saturday September 8th 2012, multiple members of Team Ultimate competed together on the same event in Buffalo, NY.  You can read all about the event from our previous Blog HERE.

Unfortunately Joey Aquino’s and Reza Saber’s matches were cancelled last minute. With that being said, only 4 members of Team Ultimate competed at the event. Here are their results:

Alex Vidinovski fought a taller and more experienced opponent on his return to competition. He stayed composed and threw good technique, but unfortunately he lost to a decision.

Ryan Dunphy looked fantastic for only his second fight. He threw powerful punches from multiple angles and was able to keep the fight in areas where he was being dominant. He once again threw his signature overhand rights and uppercuts. Ryan was awarded a unanimous decision.

Murtaza Nazabidah looked phenomenal with his strikes and clinching knees. He kept his distance and showed great technique. He fought a hometown favorite and was given a loss by split decision. Although, the fight was close we were all positive he had won.

Matt Speciale fought a very talented fighter with an 8-1 record in the Main Event of the evening. His blocking was better than we’ve ever seen before from him. He used effective defense, great counters, and stunning offense to win a clear unanimous decision. It was a great return to a proper weight class for Matt and we can’t wait to see what is next in store.

We’re all very proud of all 4 Team Ultimate members who competed! To the ones who fought and to the ones who had their matches cancelled, we know that they’ll all be back again stronger than the last time!
Thank you to everyone who drove out to Buffalo, NY to show their support at the event!

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