Results from the Buffalo NY event on March 2nd 2013

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team_ultimate_buffalo_marchThank you to everyone who made the trip down to Buffalo, NY to support all 4 members of Team Ultimate who competed in the same event the past weekend!

Here are the results from our 4 athletes:

Kenrick had a very strong first round throwing a LOT of power in his punches. Unfortunately the nerves of the first fight got the better of him and he was unable to continue to push the action. His defence was incredible and very few shots made it through his guard/low block. His offense was very accurate as well, landing a very high % of shots and consistently being the aggressor. But the lack of activity had the judges score the second two rounds for his opponent. Now that Kenrick has experienced the crowd and knows what to expect, be on the look out for his next match up.

Murtaza was immediately being referred to as “the low kick guy” after his bout. Murtaza actively pushed the pace of his fight and engaged first. Using punches and low kicks on the outside, and good head control while in the clinch. He attacked multiple levels and both sides of his opponent, keeping him guessing and negating his counters to only punches. In the end Murtaza was awarded a clear decision victory.

Brandon stepped up last minute in weight to face a very talented opponent, Brandon did not back down at all and engaged right until the last bell. The size difference proved to be a factor in this bout and Brandon was forced on to his heels, which slowed down his offence and allowed his opponent to take a decision victory.

Mark had possibly the most 1 sided clinch we have ever seen. Mark started as he usually does, with a Massive left hook and powerful low kick. Once inside the clinch it was clear that his clinch was far superior. Mark found openings all round while his opponent attempted to block the knees with his arms. Mark did great at keeping his back off the ropes and even would break the clinch to punch when the time was right. In the end Mark was given the decision victory.

 Thank you all again to those of you who managed to make the trip down! Stay tuned for details on more upcoming fights involving members of Team Ultimate!