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Ultimate Martial Arts is not only a Muay Thai Kickboxing and fitness gym, but we’re also a MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) gym as well. As many of you may know, MMA is one the fastest growing sports in the world that can be mainly credited based on the worldwide success of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). MMA combines a variety of martial arts together which works on all forms of your stand-up + ground striking and submissions. For this blog entry, we want to showcase one of our member’s rise to success through our MMA program.

Meet Marcus Wan, a long time member of Ultimate Martial Arts. He went from learning MMA for the first time at our gym to being able to successfully compete against tough competition. If you’ve been following our blog for quite a while, you’ll remember that he took part in the NAGA (North American Grappling Association) grappling tournament a few months ago. We did a quick interview with him recently so that he could tell us all about his growing experience:

As Marcus says in the video, “it’s about how hard you try”. If you’re willing to put in the effort and dedication, then you’ll for sure see positive results. We at Ultimate Martial Arts can provide the help you need as long as you take the time to make a difference in your life by coming into our facilities to train / workout. You have nothing to lose too considering you’ll be getting a FREE trial! From Marcus’ experience, our facilities helped get him to a competitive level which got him a silver medal in his first time ever competing. Not only did he achieve satisfaction from winning a grappling medal, but he obtained great fitness results out of it as well considering the MMA training works your full body as well as your conditioning. Also MMA is a great self defence trait to learn that’ll help you get out of a variety of different worse case situations if you have no interest in being a competitor of the sport. Click the link below this post for details on a FREE Trial and to see if we offer MMA at your preferred location. If we don’t, keep in mind that our Muay Thai Kickboxing is superb (as clearly evident from our untouchable success) as well and is offered at all of our locations which will strongly help out your MMA stand-up + overall fitness. We look forward to helping all of you achieve your goals through our gyms!

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