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It has been about a week after Joseph Valtellini‘s outstanding win over Shawn Yarborough in New York City for the Friday Night Fights promotion’s main event. The talk about that fight and Joseph’s performance is still circulating around the Muay Thai kickboxing community! The people over at Friday Night Fights actually wrote a really good article about Valtellini‘s win

From the article:
As one of the most prominent fighters in the region, Valtellini was eager to make a mark for himself  on anational level. The continual criticism of the East Coast’s ability to compete with the West’s from West Coast based fighters and fans, was answered. Not by a blog or through an interview, but in the ring, at 2:46 of the first round of the evening’s main event to be precise.
You can read the entire article (which is a good read) and see additional photos from the fight HERE.

When Joseph got back home to Canada, we caught up with him recently at our Ultimate Martial Arts Scarborough gym location for a quick interview on his post-fight thoughts and comments. Check that out in the video below:

As Joseph says in the video, the win over Yarborough shows how superior Ultimate Martial Arts‘ training system is. You don’t need any more evidence after seeing how well Team Ultimate fighters like Troy SheridanMatt Speciale, and Joey Aquino have been doing. As we said in the previous post, we have the resources to help you obtain amazing fitness goals, become a top level fighter, or even both. All it takes is the dedication to step into our gyms to achieve it!

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