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Rise To Success

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Ultimate Martial Arts is not only a Muay Thai Kickboxing and fitness gym, but we’re also a MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) gym as well. As many of you may know, MMA is one the fastest growing sports in the world that can be mainly credited based on the worldwide success of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). MMA combines a variety of martial arts together which works on all forms of your stand-up + ground striking and submissions. For this blog entry, we want ...

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Inspirational weight loss story

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Many people want to live a fit and healthy life. To do that it takes determination, in which people feel discouraged from even trying or they give up too easily. For all of you who have ever been in the position of feeling negative towards being able to accomplish a better lifestyle, we have an inspirational tale of perseverance and incredible weight loss that all took place over the past year at an Ultimate Martial Arts gym.

Meet Andrew Lee who is a member of Ultimate Martial ...

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Still making headlines…

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It has been about a week after Joseph Valtellini‘s outstanding win over Shawn Yarborough in New York City for the Friday Night Fights promotion’s main event. The talk about that fight and Joseph’s performance is still circulating around the Muay Thai kickboxing community! The people over at Friday Night Fights actually wrote a really good article about Valtellini‘s win

From the article:
As one of the most prominent fighters in the region, Valtellini was ...

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