Team Ultimate invades Buffalo, NY

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There has been some pretty good energy at the Ultimate Martial Arts gyms lately because of the Team Ultimate competition team training really hard together. This is especially because we have 4 members competing on the same fight card together. They will all be fighting on June 2nd in Buffalo, NY which is only around a 2 hour drive from the Toronto area.


The competitors representing Ultimate Martial Arts in the event are:
Mark Diryas
Brandon Pinch
Murtaza Nabizadah
Ryan Dunphy

Mark is fighting in his 2nd bout. He has pretty deadly kicks that his opponent will soon be introduced to.

Brandon is fighting in his 2nd bout as well but this time he will be dropping weight down to 140 lbs for this fight. It’ll be interesting to see what advantages he’ll gain from competing in a lighter weight class for the first time.

This will be Murtaza‘s first fight. He will be fighting at 180 lbs which should be really exciting to watch considering there’s always something special about watching the heavier weight classes go to battle.

This will also be Ryan‘s first fight as well. He is excited for his debut and has a general hard working ethic which shows in his training that will benefit him in his match.

The event will be at 75 Chippewa Street in Buffalo, NY on Saturday June 2nd at Lux Nite Club. Doors are at 5pm and the first fight begins at 6pm. Tickets are $20 or $30 for VIP seating that can be purchased at the door. If any of you are interested in coming out to the event, please speak to a staff member at the gym and also if you can provide a carpool as well. The more support for Team Ultimate at the event, the better!

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