Team Ultimate takes home a championship belt in Iowa!

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934927_541445032585450_261177635_nOver the past long weekend, 4 members of Team Ultimate went on a road trip to Des Moines in Iowa to compete in a huge multi-day tournament, Muay Thai Classic. After lots of training and many hours of driving, Team Ultimate was ready to face top amateur competition from all over North America!

Here’s how our athletes performed:

Sam C won her first fight to advance to the next round. Later on into the same day, she unfortunately lost to a decision. This was Sam’s first time competing and having a win for your first time is just an outstanding feeling. We are really proud of how she performed and she definitely did an excellent job representing the women of Team Ultimate!

Murtaza N had a very impressive win for his first fight which was a TKO victory via knee strikes in the 1st round! This definitely gave him strong momentum in this tournament which led to a win by decision for his 2nd right to advance to the finals. After a tough fight, unfortunately Murtaza didn’t win the judges over for a decision in the final match.

Alek T performed outstandingly throughout the tournament to kick things off on day one with a win by decision. Still looking confident and determined, he won his 2nd fight later on in the day by another decision to advance to the finals. Alek had a great match in the finals, but he lost to a very close decision. Some people at the event were arguing that it was a bad judging call, but there’s not much that can be done. We are still happy with how Alek performed!

Alex V didn’t have his first fight until the 2nd day of the tournament, in which he fought strong to win by decision advancing him to the finals. After being well rested, he was ready to use excellent technique and power to win the final match in his weight class category/division by decision which earns him a TBA (Thai Boxing Association)  championship belt!

Overall Team Ultimate had 7 wins + a championship belt from the tournament! We are really proud of all 4 of our athletes for their performances and representing Team Ultimate in Iowa!

We look forward for the next event Team Ultimate will be competing in!

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