The tournament is coming soon, help us decide…

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On top of all the June 2nd action with 6 members of Team Ultimate competing in, Troy Sheridan‘s 8-man tournament entry into the huge Journey Fight Series event in Calgary is only the week after on Friday June 9th! The event promoters recently released a trailer for the event that you can view below:

Recognize the voice in the video? Those of you who are hardcore MMA fans will know it for sure. It’s none other than the popular MMA commentator Michael Schiavello (K-1, Dream, Maximum Fighting Championship, HDNet, and so fore). Troy actually feels very honoured to have his name announced by him in the video :)

Leading up to the fight, Troy wants YOUR help with picking the type of music for his walk-out entrance song on June 9th. We have a poll going on our Ultimate Martial Arts Facebook page for it. Troy is giving all of YOU the option to decide his walk-out fate! Go to our Facebook page to vote by CLICKING HERE.

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