Train with veteran fighter Gary Goodridge!

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This coming Tuesday November 27th, we are happy to announce that we have a very special guest coming to the Scarborough UMA gym! Fight veteran, Gary Goodridge, will be a special guest instructor for Troy Sheridan’s Gold Level class at 7pm! This will be a class that you don’t want to miss for those of you who have their gold level!

Gary Goodridge has competed in fight promotions such as the K-1, UFC and Pride FC. He is considered a legend of the sport who has been around since the beginning times of the MMA promotions. Gary is also a long time member of Ultimate Martial Arts who trained under Kru Paul Minhas to improve his Muay Thai for competition. Here’s a highlight video you can check out:

Hope to see everyone at the Scarborough UMA gym this coming Tuesday November 27th at 7pm for the Gold Level class!

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