Troy Sheridan: Looking Back On Past Victories Part 2

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Back on June 9th of 2012, Team Ultimate’s Troy Sheridan competed in a 8-man tournament in the 160lbs category for Journey Fight Series. This was the quarter finals match against Ken Tran. The tournament would be a huge step up for Troy since this was towards the beginning of his pro career. This fight did end in unnecessary controversy where the fight would end in a draw due to being accused of an illegal strike. After filing an appeal, Troy was awarded the TKO victory and would advance to the next round of the tournament.
Thanks to the people over at Journey Fight Series, you can watch a full video of this fight below:

Here are some comments from Troy about this fight as he looks back on it:
“This was my one of my first fighting experiences as a pro. It was my 2nd pro fight and it was against someone who had 10 wins with more experience than me. Before the fight started, I remember wanting him to hurry up and come fight me as he took his time dancing around outside of the ring. I knew and felt that my elbow landed above his ear when they announced it as an illegal strike. I’m glad everything got cleared up after the fight which gave me a TKO victory. A win from this match would eventually lead me towards¬†fighting someone with over 100 fights in experience.”

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