Troy Sheridan: Tough and Courageous at Journey Fight Series 8

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The past Saturday November 3rd, Team Ultimate’s Troy Sheridan was in Calgary to compete in the Journey Fight Series promotion. It was the semi-finals of the tournament where he faced his toughest opponent thus far, Shane Campbell.  To get to the semi-finals, Troy defeated Ken Tran in the quarter-finals of the tournament back in June.

The match was a long fight that went all 5 rounds. The entire fight was an action packed match with both fighters exchanging strikes back and forward. Unfortunately, Troy’s opponent would get the upper hand and kept landing some heavy shots. Troy never gave up, kept his composure, and kept fighting back. Although some rounds were very close, in the end, Shane Campbell won a Unanimous Decision.

While most people would have been finished in the fight, Troy stayed strong by showing courage and kept fighting back to end in a decision. The fight did win a Fight Of The Night award too. Troy would like to thank everyone for their support and feels that this will be a huge learning experience for him.

If you’re curious of how the entire fight played out during each round, you can read a play-by-play through Muay Thai Authority HERE.

We’re all proud of how Troy fought this past weekend and we all know that he’ll only come back stronger than ever the next time he gets back in the ring!

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