Ultimate Martial Arts In-House Winter Tournament was a Success!

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Thank you to everyone who came out to the Ultimate Martial Arts In-House Winter Tournament the past Sunday December 16th! It was a successful event and a huge turn out with competitors and spectators from all of the UMA gyms!

The grappling tournament featured 2 weight classes; 145lbs and 175lbs. There were 8 competitors in total. People from the different UMA locations were in the tournament which made it difficult for everyone to grapple people they’ve never trained with before. In the end, James and Kenrick captured medals in their weight classes. The highlight was James being able to win all of his matches via submission!

The Muay Thai tournament had 35 competitors with 7 male weight classes and 2 female weight classes. There were competitors from all of the UMA gyms which made it fun to watch how different UMA gyms would do against each other. In the women’s matches, Satareh and Samantha were victorious in their weight classes. In the men’s matches, Charles + Roman + KC + Michael + Justin + Arash won medals in their weight classes. Sarab and Clint both captured medals in their match against each other due to a technical draw.

For an in-house event featuring first time competitors, everyone was really impressive in their matches! Win, lose or draw, we’re really proud of everyone who competed and made this event a success!

This event wouldn’t have been possible without the support of all the competitors, spectators, and everyone who helped promote / share this event to their friends + family! Thank you again to everyone who supported this event in any way!
Stay tuned for details about the next upcoming UMA In-House Tournament!

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