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Before Team Ultimate‘s Joseph Valtellini‘s fight against Shawn Yarborough, the people at Muay Thai Authority had a write-up with their predictions on how the event would play out.

From the article:
Yarborough should be the toughest test of Valtellini’s young career. Yarbrough typically fights in the 175lb weight class and packs power in his fist and feet. Valtellini is known for his power, but has yet to take on an opponent the size of Yarborough. None of Valtellini’s fights have gone the distance and he keeps a fast pace throughout his fights as opposed to Yarborough who is more methodical in his approach. Valtellini should be able to out work Yarborough throughout the fight, but needs be careful because one strike from Yarborough could change the fight in a heartbeat. Valtellini won’t be able to finish Yarborough, who has yet to be stopped in his pro career. Instead Valtellini will have to settle for a decision win to keep his perfect record in tact. 
You can read the entire article HERE.

Yarborough was definitely going to be a hard test for Valtellini considering the amount of experience he has and the fact that he has never been finished in his career. He even had Kru Phil Nurse (most recognizable as being George St Pierre’s Muay Thai coach) in his corner.

As the fight started, Valtellini worked the leg kicks well. Soon a big straight right hand dropped Yarborough, but he was still able to answer the ref’s count. It was clear that Yarborough was in trouble and the worst was yet to come. Yarborough was then cornered and Valtellini landed a huge left hook + right uppercut combination to win the fight by knockout at 2:45 of the first round!  This pushes Joseph Valtellini‘s record to 6-0 and he is the first person to finish Shawn Yarborough in a match. The prediction (from the article above) was correct on one thing, Valtellini winning the fight, but the fight definitely didn’t goto a decision! We’re all very proud of the outstanding performance displayed by our very own Joseph Valtellini!


This is not only a huge win for Joseph Valtellini but it’s a huge win for Team Ultimate as well! With the winning streak from all of the Team Ultimate members, it shows that anyone who steps into an Ultimate Martial Arts gym can achieve the high level of martial arts as long as you’re dedicated enough to come into our gyms to train. It also shows that you can achieve a high level of fitness by training at our gyms as well if competition isn’t your thing, since having an excellent fitness level plays a great factor into our members’ success with their fights. With that being said, we hope to see all of you at our gyms more frequently! if you aren’t a member yet, check out the link at the end of this post! If you already are a member, be sure to forward the link at the end of this post to your friends and get them to come out!

Don’t forget to congratulate Joseph the next time you see him at one of our Ultimate Martial Arts gyms!

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