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As you know from the previous blog post below, 3 members of Team Ultimate had fights in Upstate New York over the weekend. We are happy and proud to say that Team Ultimate came out on top!

Unfortunately Reza Saber‘s opponent did not show up. Reza did train very hard for this fight even though it was taken on short notice. We look forward to seeing him get a chance to compete in the near future.

Joey Aquino fought very hard to look for a finish. He used good crisp punches and strong low kicks to control the outside. Once he found this was his strength, he worked to keep the fight at that range to put combos together.  The fight ended in a 3 round unanimous decision win against a skilled and more experienced opponent.

Matt Speciale fought a much larger opponent who weighed in at 173, while he will usually fight at 160. During the fight, he dropped his opponent with a high kick in the 1st round and with low kicks later in the fight. Even though Matt was the smaller fighter, he was able to dominate the outside striking and landed some powerful straight knees during the clinch war.  Matt won unanimous decision to become the new USMTA champion!

Matt had a few things to say after his title win:

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