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Looking to relieve stress, improve your fitness, lose weight, or get in the best shape of your life? Our one hour classes are guaranteed to be a more effective workout compared to going to a regular gym and running on the treadmill! It is also a lot more fun and you’ll be surrounded by a friendly environment of people who want to help you succeed towards your fitness goals! Take advantage of our FREE Trial to see for yourself how the fitness from Muay Thai Kickboxing and MMA can benefit you better!
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Learn Muay Thai Kickboxing (the art of 8-limbs) with our superior training system that we have been fine tuning for perfection since 1994! You’ll earn the benefit gaining outstanding striking technique, obtaining useful self-defense knowledge, and improving your overall strength / conditioning! After learning and perfecting the basics, you’ll have the option to upgrade to our advance classes that will take your fitness to another level and work on sparring drills + advance technique!
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We offer women’s only classes to learn Muay Thai Kickboxing that will help focus on self-defense, full body fitness, cardio and technique! Our instructors will help motivate you towards reaching your fitness goals, so you’re definitely not alone in this! Lose weight, tone up, get / stay in shape, relief stress, gain strength, and/or increase your energy level with this program! You’ll also have a lot of fun doing this while learning useful life skills!
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Learn the fastest growing sport in the world, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), and work your way up towards receiving a high level of fitness + knowledge. MMA combines different forms of striking / wrestling / grappling which will get your body ready for anything you are determined to pursue with it. Also learn Gi Jiu Jitsu (No-GI optional), which is mostly focused on BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) techniques with other grappling styles combined to give you a more superior arsenal than with just BJJ alone. Improve your skill level to advance up with belt levels.
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I can truly attest that UMA has an absolutely STELLAR program and facility!! I have yet to find a facility with such attentive and supportive trainers, friendly students and your program is miles ahead of any where else I've trained!!!–Gavin Allain

I recommend this gym to anyone who wants to lose weight, tone up, or just wants a fun and welcoming place to release stress. It has helped me both mentally and physically and I believe it will help you.  My weight loss journey is still ongoing but I wont quit this gym and I highly recommend everyone to join.–Amanda Hughes

UMA is the perfect facility for new members looking to learn, for non competitive martial artists looking to get in shape, and for competitive fighters to develop their skills.  Most gyms cannot balance the three, always specializing in one area or the other.  It is a friendly environment, and everyone is invested in seeing all members succeed, which keeps us all motivated.–Rob Segsworth

Ultimate Martial Arts has the Lowest Rates around! I love being able to go any day of the week and I always look forward to classes! –Cassandra Dwyer

Couldn't be happier with Ultimate Martial Arts! Overall Rating A+ Excellent place to learn and get fit!–Charles Rutledge

My whole family has a great time going to class and the people are friendly! I find the service and instructors to both be exceptional!–Dave Paul

I have attended 5 classes so far since my registration. Everyone in the class and the instructors are very friendly and welcoming. I don't think I could ever get bored because there is always room for improvement and you can build your skill level. Also each instructor brings something new and different to the table which keeps me interested. The fitness experience is a good way to improve your mental and physical state.–Jessica C.